REVIEW – Equafleece Dog Drying Suit. A bit crackers but brilliant!


They say a picture paints a thousand words and in this moment it’s fair to say that Pippa was less than amused by my latest purchase! However, I’m happy to report that since then, the Equafleece has come good and is well on the way to being my most sensible purchase ever. So, why on earth have I put Pippa in a fleecy suit? Let me explain…

Pippa is one of those dogs that’s wet and muddy within 30seconds of hitting the outdoors. You can wring the water out of her ears and paws, her sopping tail has painted endless feathery patterns on the furniture and wallpaper. She is essentially a menace to housekeeping.

I rent my house so cannot remove the carpet and I don’t have a large kitchen to let her dry off in naturally. She dries slowly and smells of wet dog even after she’s dry. It’s tiring and messy and you just don’t have time to faff with a soggy spaniel when you have to work full time. So, after much frustration and with the house in tatters, we head to Equafleece.

I decided I wanted something with legs to cover Pippa’s heavy feathers and something she could wear indoors to dry in rather than something to wear outdoors. This is because she gets in brambles and is very active so I thought a coat would most likely snag or annoy her. This is what we bought:

Equafleece Dog Suit – From £28

Described by Equafleece as – 100% Rainproof, Breathable, Warm and Washable. The Equafleece® Dog Suit has become one of our best sellers, a four legged garment for all over protection from the wet, improved drying and extra warmth. There are no buckles, straps or velcro, and the area between the back legs is open so as not to interfere with bodily functions. 


  • Price – Prices start at £28 but for Pippa it came in at £41! I know, it seems a crazy price but after some serious doubts about paying so much I am glad I went ahead.
  • Ruffled fur – Again not a big issue but Pippa’s fur naturally likes to get matted so after taking the coat off, I very quickly run a brush over her to make sure no fur has started to get tangled. I think she also likes the feel of the brush after having her fur covered up. With a normal dog this wouldn’t even be a consideration though.
  • They look so funny! – Not really a negative but at first I was howling with laughter as Pippa looked at me with a very clear eye rolling sort of expression as I commented on her ‘pyjamas’.


  • Effectiveness – After a muddy walk in the rain, I hosed Pippa outside so she was drenched. I asked her to shake a few times then roughly frisked her over with a towel before plonking her in the suit and letting her in the living room. No wet got out from the suit and her body heat dried her in less than half the time it usually takes. I am really pleased by how well it works.
  • Practicality
  • Once Pip was dry, the suit was also dry. Even more surprising, neither smelt of wet dog! It’s designed to wick away excess heat so we haven’t had issues with that.
  • It’s easy to put on/remove but you can pay extra for a zip to be added if you have a dog with severe mobility issues.
  • The suit doesn’t appear to need frequent washing as it seems to magic away any dog smell and we’re not using it as an outdoor option, only as a drying coat.
  • The suit is cut so if used outdoors, they can go to the loo in it.
  • It’s also is handy if your dog is being taken out in a fancy car belonging to someone that’s car proud. Covering your furry pal in fleece can put the anxious car owner’s mind at ease 🙂
  • Choice – The sizing is clear and there’s plenty of colours and even fur collars if you want to get fancy. I’m not a fan of dogs in ‘clothes’ so choose a practical dark brown. There’s a slimline option for whippets, slim springers etc and bespoke sizes can be ordered but I haven’t tried this service. There’s also standard coats without legs etc if a full suit is more than you need.
  • Pippa, after an initial bout of face pulling now loves it and happily sleeps in her suit until she’s dry.

The verdict I adore this suit and only regret not buying one last year. The quality is great, Pippa is happy and the difference it’s made to how quickly I can get out of the house in the morning is priceless.

Score – 10/10 – Would love it to be cheaper but it’s made such a difference to my day to day life I can’t really say less than 10. Also considering buying one for Bess who doesn’t get wet but does seem to feel the cold more as she’s getting older. I think this could potentially be a better option than leaving the heating on for her!

You can buy it here if it appeals to you!

As always, this was not sponsored, I bought the suit and wanted to share what I thought. If you have any questions or would like to see something specific reviewed, do leave a comment or get in touch on Facebook.

See you soon, from Pippa, Bess and the human staff xx

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW – Equafleece Dog Drying Suit. A bit crackers but brilliant!

    1. Yes they seem to have had a real flurry and have been out of stock for a few weeks. Unfortunately I’ve not seen any others that give such good coverage either. They may be worth waiting for, we’ve had ours for a few years and they’re as good as new


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