Welcome to the Rescue Pooch world!

Who are the Two Rescue Pooches?



A Border Terrier/Parsons Jack Russell cross. She is 10yrs old in March 2015 but is still full of terrier mischief! She found her forever home with us in November 2011. She’s progressed from a nervous dog with no interest in small furries, to a proper terrier with a very keen eye for a squirrel.



An English Springer Spaniel (ESS). Pippa is approx 2yrs old but we’re not sure exactly. She was rescued in December 2014 and at three kilo’s underweight she was quite a sorry sight. She’s now reached her target weight, has some gloss in her coat and a serious spring in her step!

We’ve tried and tested all sorts of food and toys (can anything survive a spaniel and a terrier?); we’ve got ideas on where to walk, what harness to use and plenty of other things so we thought we’d share some of our findings with you.

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