Pippa is a young springer spaniel and Bessie is a more senior terrier cross, both were rescued and are enjoying life in their forever home. We offer advice, blog about our rescue pooch antics as well as testing and reviewing everything from food to toys, from great walks to dog-friendly places to visit.

From our first Labrador puppy, to our move into rescue pooches, we’ve learnt (sometimes the hard way!) how to tackle most of the challenges that come with bringing a dog into your life. We wouldn’t be without dogs but it can be difficult, frustrating and honestly at times you wonder what possessed you to do it!

However, by taking time to learn, asking advice and taking a positive, reward based approach to dog training you can put things right and enjoy all the best parts of being dog people.

Feel free to ask questions on anything that’s troubling you about your pooch, we’ll be really happy to help.

Take care

Two Rescue Pooches x

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